Nothing can make you feel more serene and composed than a fresh breeze of natural air, multicolored flora and fauna, and the kiss of the warm sun on the skin. They all make us feel rejuvenated and energized. There are even research papers showing that interacting with nature supports mental, physical, and even psychological well-being. 

But the confined office spaces, dull wall colors, and not even a single piece of nature in the offices make the space less productive and less inviting as well. Well, there is a way to make nature a part of the office space and that is by bringing the outside in or turning the workspace into a biophilic workplace. 

According to biophilia, humans have an innate connection with nature and a biophilic design brings in elements of nature indoors. The connection of humans with nature is then used in the office space for well-being and boosted productivity. 

With people abandoning the old ways of creating an office space with a row of tables and chairs, single-color walls, coffee machines, and a meeting room, the idea of turning the workplace into a biophilic workplace sounds promising. 

So, without any further ado, let’s dig into the biophilia workspace and explore more about it. 

Biophilia and Productivity

Building a workspace that facilitates productivity is a multi-billion dollar industry and a lot of research is being done on it. But you don’t need to go extravagant with your budget to have an office space that facilitates productivity as just keeping biophilia in mind during architect office interior design in Delhi is enough. 

Many research papers in Japan have proved that indoor plants can streamline the result from performance tasks but the improvement is always going to be task type dependent. Even some studies in Denmark suggest that if a plant will not be in optimal condition, negligible productivity-based improvement will be noticed. 

Biophilia and Air Quality

Active green walls are a part of the biophilia workspace and it boasts a higher density of plants along with increased airflow through the soil. The airflow drags pollutants from the soil and this is where the majority of removal is achieved. At the same time, the air becomes much cleaner in the workspace. 

Many people might argue about the cost of green walls but now, there are many ways to make green walls an economical option during architect office interior design in Delhi. Moreover, indoor plants also act as natural humidifiers through the natural process of transpiration. 

Benefits of Adopting Biophilia Workplace Interior

Reduced employee absenteeism

Absenteeism affects the overall productivity and the profitability of the firm and this is why such types of issues should be addressed through the biophilia workspace. Biophilic workspace reduces illness and makes the office more inviting for the employees and thus, employees feel motivated to come to the office on an everyday basis. 

Improved health

The only way to improve the health of employees working in the office is to expose them to natural aspects of the world and what can be better than a biophilia workspace to achieve this? The improved air quality, natural humidification, increased oxygen level, all work towards the well-being of the employees. 

Increased mood and feeling of well-being

Plants are popular for invoking positive feelings and therefore, a workspace filled with biophilia will obviously be a better place to work. Plants even affect the coping ability and they help in uplifting mood and positivity as well. 

The uplifting of the mood makes the workplace a more positive place to work and this is why, so many companies are abandoning rehashing the workspace and flockign towards biophilia. You just need to find the architects and interior designers near me.

Improved productivity

The best thing about the biophilia workspace is it creates a positive environment in the office since exposure to nature evokes positivity. And when employees will have a positive mindset with a healthy body, they will obviously become more productive. This is another reason to find architects and interior designers near me for a biophilia workspace.

Increased employee engagement

According to studies, human beings crave nature. We are used to thriving in the outdoors and being connected with nature. In fact, an adaptive feature of our psychology that restores our engagement with other people is directly related to our surroundings. 

This simply means that amidst natural scenery motivates people to become more engaging and this might be the reason why workspace with an essence of biophilia have better employee engagement. 

Reduced stress levels

The biophilia workspace allows people to feel that they have a space in which they can settle, adapt and stay creative. All these effects of the biophilia workspace build a stronger connection, fosters better collaboration and as a result, the level of stress automatically reduces. 

Just the idea of being in touch with nature ignites a sense of relaxation in our mind and this is what we are trying to achieve through the biophilia workspace model. 

Mental restoration & reduced fatigue

Offices can become a hub of fatigue and mental exhaustion as there is always a lot to do in those confined spaces. But the same workplace can become a place of mental restoration and fatigue reduction. 

A biophilia workspace makes people feel more open and the presence of nature signals the brain to relax instead of panicking and shouting. Thus, places with biophilia workspace have employees with better mental stability. 

You might introduce a long list of changes in the office space and still, employees may feel stressed and exhausted throughout the day. Well, to begin on the right foot of transformation, you need to switch to the biophilia workspace that gives people a chance to stay in touch with nature. 

But introducing a biophilia workspace is not an easy architectural transformation and you will need experts like AIA India who can work on every aspect of your office and offer a tailor-made solution for transformation. So, just call us and bring the outside in through a biophilia workspace.