Our dedicated client services team is your aftercare partner, available to assist with any additional needs once you’ve settled into your office. Whether it’s a minor refresh, ongoing maintenance, or a full-scale refurbishment, our client services team is here to support you.

Adapting your office as you evolve

Workplaces are dynamic and ever-evolving. After you’ve settled into your new office, you might find the need for adjustments. Our client services team is dedicated to offering ongoing support, ensuring that you maximize the potential of your workspace.

Upon engagement, you’ll be assigned a client services manager, who will collaborate closely with your original project team. This manager will serve as your primary point of contact for managing all your workplace requirements.”

If you need a new meeting room, additional furniture, or a complete refurbishment, our team is here to assist you. Whether it’s redecorating or altering the layout, our client services experts utilize their extensive knowledge of your initial setup to make adjustments to your existing space, providing you with time, cost, and effort savings

What are the benefits of aftercare?

Time and cost-efficient



Single point of contact

Support on day-two and churn works



Monitor your workplace performance

Detailed understanding of your project



Easily adopt new ways of working

Building a client relationship

Through our unwavering commitment to personalized service, our team cultivates an intimate understanding of your project. This empowers us to swiftly provide tailored solutions to your inquiries and dispense expert guidance that not only meets but genuinely comprehends your unique needs.

After you’ve comfortably settled into your new workspace, we conduct a comprehensive project review with your team. We actively listen and document your feedback, identifying potential enhancements for your workplace. Additionally, we’ll explore your preferences for ongoing communication to ensure we stay aligned with your evolving needs.

Introduction to AIA-INDIA Client Services

Our Client Services team continues to be your dedicated point of contact throughout your workplace journey. Whether you’re transitioning to a hybrid work model or reconfiguring your workspace, they are ready to assist you in assessing workplace performance and adapting your office design to align with your evolving needs

Request a call back from our design and build team

    Request a call back from our design and build team