What is workplace consultancy?

Workplace consultancy is a strategic process that aids in comprehending your current space utilization, empowering you to evaluate its optimization potential for the future, aligning seamlessly with your evolving work practices

How you benefit

Through the collection of quantifiable insights that assess and refine your needs, you can optimize costs, boost engagement, and elevate performance, fostering meaningful organizational change.

“People constitute 60% of an organization’s expenditures. Establishing a workplace that aligns with the needs of its employees is imperative for fostering a productive and contented work environment.”


We conduct a series of audits and studies to gain an overview of your current ways of working and review how space is utilised by each function of your business.

Space utilisation studies

Our team of discrete auditors observe your office over a two-week period. Using intelligent software, we record activities such as meeting room, desk and ancillary space usage, to review how and when spaces are used.

Online questionnaires

Our detailed online questionnaire is designed to capture your team’s demographics, personalities, their perception of the working environment and how they use it. This touches every member of the organisation and becomes part of your colleague engagement programme.

1-to-1 interviews

We interview managerial and back-office department heads to find out the specific needs, objectives and future plans of the individual teams.

Workplace champion workshops

Using a series of small group activities, we ascertain whether your team’s aspirations match those of the business leaders. Simple space adjacencies are discovered as the teams use visual shapes to understand team interactions. We also look at colours and finishes to gain feedback on the potential personality of your future space

How does workplace consultancy help you?


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Improved communication and collaboration



Improved employee wellbeing



Improved employee attraction, retention, and engagement



Improved employee performance


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Increased productivity and profitability



Heightened customer engagement



Increased flexibility when responding to change



A workplace reflective of culture and brand



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Reduced operating expenditure



Reduced rental costs



Improved sustainability measures



A workplace that supports each team


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