Office Refurbishment

From revitalizing refreshes to full-scale office transformations, our fast-track office refurbishment service breathes new life into your workspace, ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations

Transforming your existing workplace can improve your people’s performance, reduce costs and enhance your brand and company culture.

“Our comprehensive office refurbishment services encompass everything from design and planning to seamless delivery, enabling you to reap the full benefits of your workspace transformation.

An office refurbishment presents an exciting opportunity to rejuvenate your workspace without the hassles of relocation. Our team of experts will oversee the entire process, carefully assessing the costs involved to ensure a seamless and budget-friendly delivery. We prioritize understanding your business and its unique needs, enabling us to tailor the perfect solutions for you

The Office Refurbishment Guide and Checklist

Everything you need to know about office refurbishment, including project checklists, key timeframes, and guidance on choosing your partner, calculating your budget, and managing your project, right up to move-in day.

Your Refurbishment Timeline

  • Explore and define

    First we assess how you are currently working. Then we help you define how you would like to work.


  • Design

    We develop concepts and solutions to create a workplace that is as unique as your business.


  • Plan

    Through precise planning and scheduling we split your refurbishment into key phased installations. We develop a phased timeline that works around you and minimises interruption to your business.


  • Build

    We fast-track the construction of your office while you continue to work, keeping disruption of daily operations to a minimum. Our team work out of hours so your people don’t have to.


  • Move

    There will be a lot to think about in the final phase of your move and we’ll be there to assist with the transition.


  • Aftercare

    As your business evolves, your workplace will too. We will be there to respond to any changing needs


What will the future workplace look like?

The office and the way we work has undergone a transformational period in recent years and this has mapped the workplace as a dynamic and fluid landscape.

Explore our Future of Workplace Design Resource Page to access the latest insights and expert guidance on optimizing the workplace to enhance future performance.

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    Request a call back from our design and build team