A quirky office design usually impresses your employees and gives them a reason to engage more within the workspace. The overall productivity of your employees relies on the atmosphere where they work. 

For instance, if your office design offers a boring workspace, then there wouldn’t be much interaction among the employees and it will put an end to the free flow of ideas and creativity. On the other hand, a comfortable, cool, and supportive office design would not only encourage your current employees but also open gates for new prospects. 

The problem with an office design that most modern businesses face is the ability to spare room for creativity. Since aspects such as revenue, growth, and competition are given much more attention, an important factor is often put on the backburner i.e. employee creativity. Similarly, there are a lot of office design problems that must be tackled in a way that your workspace gets reconfigured, and optimized. 

5 Common Office Design Problems And Their Solutions

To discuss some of the basic office design problems, let’s dive into a handful of aspects that not only pose as an element of distraction but also need immediate action – 

Problem 1.

  • Open and noisy workspace – Often open-spaced office designs lead to countless voices getting collated, which becomes a difficulty for the employees to concentrate and focus proficiently. Although, an open workspace is in trend, working in an undefined environment may not bring as much efficiency as one may think. Therefore, it is important that a business takes the help of civil interior design services in Delhi to amalgamate comfort with efficient and unique design. 

Solution 1. 

  • Redefining the office layout and integrating acoustic materials – The solution to a noisy workspace is to bring acoustic layouts into action. According to a study conducted by the University of California, Berkeley, almost 65,000 people from around the continents over the past decade were surveyed and 75% of them were dissatisfied with the level of ‘speech privacy’ leading to disruption in their work. Using acoustic, sound-absorbing materials is a great alternative here, especially if your workspace has sales employees working rigorously.

Problem 2.

  • Lack of culture and engagement among employees – An office design does not only restrict to a structural blueprint, it is more about the environment of the workspace and culture. A frequently encountered problem in office design is that often the business does not encourage employees to be vocal about their ideas, or take part in improving the work culture. Employee engagement is a part of revenue-increasing strategies of a business and must be considered important so the employees do not become reluctant to work efficiently. 

Solution 2.

  • Set a clear vision of the environment based on the core values of the business – Not every company can afford an open-forum environment or an open space workspace. It definitely depends upon the type of business they run and how their employees are supposed to work. Based on that, you must come up with a vision for your employee engagement strategies to improve floor productivity, reduce attrition rate and maintain decent employee retention statistics over time.

Problem 3.

  • No reflection spaces – Your business’ success is defined by how you want your office space to be designed – should it be closed, confined bays where your employees strictly focus on work or an open-spaced environment where they can capitalize on their creativity side. In a modern workspace, integrating these two design types is a better solution. An employee must be able to self-introspect his/her performance in a workplace. Not that it is time-taking, but it is of utmost importance to get a reflection of where they stand.

Solution 3.

  • Balance the workspace and build sanctuary spaces – In order to curb this, a company should lay its focus on creating work-life balance, even when the employees are present on the work floor. An optimal workspace can be made when employees are instilled with a sense of individuality and accomplishment. In addition, creating an environment that offers great aesthetics, a tad of personal touch and stress-free time benefits the employees; Look at this amazing meditation room at Google HQ. Such a sanctuary space can help your employees relax and be more productive. 

Problem 4.

  • Not enough space – One of the major contributors to office design failure is lack of space. A dedicated workspace for an employee is a must-to-have element in order to work in an organized manner and achieve optimum results. Not getting enough space at work will only create problems for your employees, such as declining productivity rate, increased distractions, etc. Moreover, it will contribute to unwanted noise chaos which will create a nuisance at your workplace. 

Solution 4.

  • Adopt an agile working model – In order to tackle the issue of lack of space in the workplace, you can integrate desks and open-pod layouts to make a flexible, agile workspace. Your employees will be allowed to work from remote spaces and not get confined to a desk layout. 

Problem 5.

  • Poor space utilization – Last but not least, an office design problem might occur if you do not know how to properly utilize an open space. Space utilization is an important factor that must be taken seriously while designing your office workplace. If done appropriately, it can garner positive results in terms of reduced workplace friction, and effective management of employees. 

Solution 5.

  • Talk to a workspace consultancy – To resolve such an issue, one of the best options is to seek assistance from a professional company that renders civil design services in Delhi. Since they have the right expertise and years of experience, they can help in creating an efficient workspace that has productive space for your employees and an aesthetic touch for comfort. The right civil design service provider can create a workspace that speaks volumes about your brand value!


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