Top Key Designs Considerations For Workplaces in 2022!

With legal shifts, geopolitical landscape, economic implications, dynamic social and demographic trends, and advanced technologies, the demands for the workplace environment and landscape have certainly upscaled in the last few years. As per the Fellowes Workplace Wellness Trend Report, employees also wish to work in a healthy and secure environment. The next-gen evolved workplace needs a systemic change which retail interiors can do.
welcoming and attractive workspace
An organization grows with trust and efficiency, and a smart/innovative design for workspaces can boost all of these factors. With human-centric, flexible, and technologically advanced offices, teamwork, communication, and collaboration not only become easier but a lot more fun. Top retail interior design Delhi-based company, AIA India, has a few tips for you. 

Let’s check them out!

Make workplaces more attractive and efficient with these tips –

  • Implement design driven by sustainability

The shift in environmental and weather changes has made people more aware, especially after the outbreak of Covid-19. A sustainable environment is a priority of many employees. According to the IWBITM, an office design that considers lighting, air quality, nature-related factors, and the office or retail interior layout can effectively impact the overall health, employee satisfaction, mental well-being, and productivity of the staff. 

Recent research by the World Green Building Council recorded about an 11% increase in the staff’s productivity due to increased fresh air and a reduction in toxins and pollutants. This can be easily achieved by adding indoor plants, installing air filtration systems, promoting healthy food options, and maximizing natural lighting. You could also consider moving around the big furniture that blocks sunlight.

  • Offer broader connectivity, data, and technological changes through design.

Flexi work desks and power workstations have changed the game for corporates and other offices-— all thanks to Covid-19. With the rise in coworking, work cafes, and home offices, employees understand broader connectivity and technological changes for a better work environment and effectiveness. 

Broadband access has increased availability and reach, making it more accessible for a global network. HR programs have also added many new features for employee growth with remote and hybrid work arrangements. There is also an increase in network security and cloud computing to protect employees and company data against malicious activities. Clearly, business collaboration solutions and innovative workplaces are the mantras for success in 2022. 

  • Neurodivergent-friendly workspaces are a game changer!

Neurodiversity includes ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and Tourette’s. Under legal acts, employees with disabilities can request reasonable adjustments that help them do their job more effectively. Many workplaces are already following a neurodivergent-friendly office design. For instance, the BBC has built a BBC Cape. This neurodiversity initiative helps the company pick the right colors, fabrics, flooring options, and other retail interiors to help people with disabilities navigate their way around the office. 

As a matter of fact, the whole idea of virtual reality (VR) headphones was also initiated, keeping a Neurodivergent-friendly environment in consideration. The National Autistic Society offers suggestions to create a safe environment that helps navigate neurological conditions, whether working from the office or at home. These tips include using low arousal colors such as off-white for walls. Avoid patterned floors to avoid confusion or triggering anxiety, and flexible working hours should be an option.

  • Human-centric smart offices have now become a must!

The need for staying virtually connected has increased in the past year. Without a doubt, homes, offices, and commercial and retail interiors had to adapt to the changes. For example, upgrading their HVAC systems for better airflow and more ventilation. Another example is space for more meeting rooms and lesser fixed desks, and the future of workplaces is collaborations with experts and freelancers and flexible work schedules. 

It is not wrong to say that this is the right time to adopt smart building technologies. Workspaces are no more just a pile of bricks filled with work desks and computers but an agile asset that boosts productivity and efficiency of the Human Resource. A recent survey conducted by PwC found that a positive working environment with a healthy work-life balance is far more valuable than higher salaries to approximately 75% of the employees. 

  • Space for more collaboration and flexibility should be considered.

Patio furniture and rooftop spaces will play a significant role in workspaces in the coming years— to promote more productivity and freedom. Having said that, ergonomically crafted work areas that hold the ability to shift from sitting to standing positions will be encouraged for corporate office designs. Moreover, employees want to return to the workplace steadily, which might be slower than what the employers expect. 

The report by PwC also found that about 55% of employees would expect to continue working from home for about three days a week. Thus, every retail interior designing firm is expected to keep these specific points in mind. The interior structure and the suite of IoT (Internet of Things) enable devices, services, and applications to make the office more open to collaborations, accessible for remote working, and add an edge of competitive advantage. 


Human Resources is considered the most valuable source for any business organization. Thus, it is necessary to keep in mind their well-being and comfort when designing a space where they will be bursting with their flow of ideas for personal and professional growth. Gone are the days when employees adapted mundane work schedules. 

AIA India completely understands all these employee-friendly concepts and implements them to redesign workplaces. AIA India, a Delhi-based retail interior design firm, is here with top-notch innovations and ideas to provide polished team design workspaces. 

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