Introduction: Positives of Granite

Having a chic, luxurious home decor design is usually everyone’s preference and making it happen by introducing Granite into your home is one fine way. Granite is a rock element that looks like multiple grains enclosed together in one frame and is usually found in color tones like grey, black, or light pink. You must have noticed that most homeowners prefer kitchen shelves made especially from Granite because of their solidified nature and subtle appearance.

In addition, Granite is otherwise famous too for its mold and water-resistant attributes, which surely counts as an indigenous attribute for kitchen and bathroom spaces. Better known as a non-porous rock, Granite is an overwhelming rock material that is used in homes across different parts of the world and has been present for ages. The durability of this element, with respect to the decor and materialistic attributes in a home, is quite high, due to which it is one of the premia and texture-rich stones.

You may find extensive use of decorative marble, Granite stone in commercial interior design because of its rich and qualitative appeal that makes homeowners get fired up in elevating the look of their home. The beauty of grey Granite stone, particularly in the kitchen area, is uncomparable, and since it can be otherwise used in multiple parts of your room, it surely is a versatile decor element. Having that said, let us explore what benefits does your home get from Granite:

  • Granite seems an earthy material – It is presumably common that homeowners prefer their place to be authentic and crafty. Integrating Granite into the living space allows them to transform the place into an appealing ambiance that is not too basic or too chic. When used in homes, Granite gives a glossy shine and is mainly stainless, therefore allowing you to maintain the decor game for a longer time.
  • A valuable asset to your kitchen space – Granite kitchenware, cooktops are as basic as they could be. However, the level of authenticity it brings to your space is quite high. Eco-friendly elements contribute extensive value to one’s home and are a one-time investment due to their durability and tough resilience. It also increases the monetary value of your kitchen area, if in case you go on putting your property on resale. 
  • Non-porous and anti-bacterial surfaces – Non-porous surfaces are water-resistant, which means they won’t allow water to seep in and will keep the stone from becoming moldy. In addition, Granite surfaces are less prone to be affected by bacteria or mold, which is why they are commonly used in kitchens where spills are frequent.
  • Offers convenient installation – Granite, unlike glass or marble, is a stone element that does not fracture or chip during installation, making it an excellent choice for high-end surfaces in your house. Professionals may readily assist you in installing Granite stones and sealing them so that they remain in their original condition indefinitely, making this a one-time investment.

After discussing the positives of Granite, its time to look at the ways how you can incorporate Granite for a fine commercial interior design – 

Not only for countertops 

Granite was earlier restricted to being only used for kitchen cooktops. However, with the advancement in home interior decors, but people have also started to use Granite in interior walls, shiny flooring, and at some places, you would find expensive building exteriors made exclusively of Granite. Since you can find numerous patterns, designs, and colors in Granite, you can incorporate them at other places and just not the kitchen. Granite flooring is still one of the finest anti-bacterial elements that make the lives of homeowners easy as it is easy to be cleaned or swept. Regular mopping could hold up the life of the Granite flooring and keep it as new, even after years.

Classy and elegant finish 

As decor connoisseurs would believe that Granite is not going out of fashion anytime soon, it seems somewhat true. Greyish or black Granite is a sight to behold, especially when they are synced with matching decor furnishings and wall themes. It proclaims an elegant, long-lasting look that is both luxurious and extremely valuable for resale conditions. Most homeowners’ first choice is Granite, as it offers classic shades that give out a modish look, even after years of installation. 

Strong and durable material 

As mentioned quite a few times earlier, Granite is one of the strongest elements that is water and heat resistant, does not lose its charm for a long time, and protects the surfaces from unfortunate spills. Because of its non-porous abilities, it is used in kitchen and bathroom spaces to maintain an ambiance living style. Speaking of, kitchen spaces are usually where people deal with water and heat. Therefore, having a durable surface installed there would be an ideal solution to lessen the heat blows and pressure of heavyweight silverware.

Different ideas for using Granite in interiors 

From kitchen countertops to bathroom vanity tops, Granite can conveniently be used in almost every space in one’s house. You can enhance the look of your living room by incorporating Granite flooring and making it surprisingly appealing for your visitors. Better, Granite can be used in covering the exteriors of your balcony to give out a luxurious gaze. Since it is available in different color shades, it is simple to pair it with your wall themes, and sort of decor interior to complete the look. 


AIA India brings you extensive ideas for commercial interior designs with the help of Granite so you can elevate your space diligently and move along with the contemporary decor styles. Our interior design architects eagerly render decor services for our clientele and offer a tailored approach to meet their expectations. Decorating your home could be a very personal venture, which is why we believe in striving hard to bring your interior design dreams into reality and add a certain character to your space. 

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