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Interior design services are becoming increasingly popular among most households. People aspire to invest in luxurious decor elements, such as amazing yet subtle lighting, comfortable furniture arrangements, contemporary wall themes, and tiles. AIA India, your one-stop-shop, caters to extensive and best interior design services across Noida and Delhi.

As a prominent part of the Capital Group, we deliver amazing home designing solutions to homeowners and look after corporate structures and give them a modish look. With the growing interest of people stressing over creative decor, it has become our responsibility to render customized, attractive, and aesthetic interior design services to make your place accentuate from within.

We understand the value of design and the creative imagination that goes into the decor. Since we want our customers to have every bit of that chic decor, AIA India maneuvers as your interior design consultant and helps you through with the nitty-gritty that is involved in complex interior designing projects. 

Our Clientele

We are proud of supporting our esteemed partners’ structural and design requirements, such as Barista, Axis Bank, Paytm, L’Oreal, Cinepolis, and many others, with whom AIA India has grown its relationship well over the years. Among them, many brands are a prominent part of Fortune 500 Companies, which makes us even more prudent in providing the best interior design services for these performance-driven firms. 

Our Services

  • Home Interiors and Lighting Control 

Being your interior design consultant in Delhi, AIA India undoubtedly considers your decor requisites, succinctly pen down the very specifics and bring them out to reality. Home decor holds a special place in the homeowners’ hearts – For such high stakes, we incorporate our expert interior designers in Noida and trained teams of visionary architects and engineers. 

  • Installation of Electrical and Security Systems

Furthermore, the aura of a well-designed home elevates even more when combined with state-of-the-art security systems and networked electrical arrangements that flow throughout the entire premises for user convenience. AIA India functions as a liaison between you and local contractors to get assured fits for the place that is safe and technology-driven. 

At AIA India, we aim at reassuring your beliefs in luxurious yet pocket-friendly home interior services that you can cherish for many years to come. Connect with us today and let our team of experts take charge, even of your minute chores. Stay tuned for our daily newsletter to know more!