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Expert MEP Services At Your Disposal!

Looking for a professional construction company in Delhi to aid your corporate’s interior designing project and establish fine-quality infrastructure systems- AIA India has the solution for you! At AIA India, you get guaranteed construction services from our MEP. When people consider interior designing for retail spaces or any business plans to enhance corporate infrastructure, the primary component to focus on is construction methods. Luckily, we have got you covered there as AIA India has a renowned brand image of a specialized construction company in Delhi NCR that has catered to a large clientele for the past many years.

MEP, which means Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing services are crucial in an interior designing project. Over the years, we have led the industry with trained professionals, comprising of a strong  MEP  team, highly skillful manpower, and quality resources to accomplish top-notch results and complete the interior designing project as per the proposed plan. We realize how mindful interior designing is done. While you present your visionary ideas to our team, we plan to turn those ideas into reality, create awe-inspiring architecture by taking our best foot forward at the right time!

Our General Contracting Services Services

Superior Plumbing Solutions

Interior designs include concealed air valves, ventilation shafts, and drainage systems to maintain the place and its attractiveness. Therefore, we presume fine concealed plumbing services to blend the utilities with the interiors. Our skilled workforce strives hard to ensure that every pipe and valve installation procedure is as per the Design Brief report given by the consultant as per the requirements and nature of the premises.

All our infrastructure has advanced drainage systems to promote water conservation and a hygienic environment and to achieve LEAD certification. 

Safe Electrical Mechanisms

In a contemporary world, interior design requires you to install modern-day, featured electrical systems that are design-rich as well as functionally advanced. AIA India focuses on using only quality electrical components and deploys professionals to take care of every nuance. The process includes improving the state of the interior and exterior space lighting, installation of modern switch systems that could be voice-controlled or possess other intelligent controlling systems. We also pay close attention to power distribution mechanisms to ensure the lifelong age and standard utility terms of all the electrical components. 

Advanced Access Control Systems

You must implement state-of-the-art access control systems that are up-to-date and increase the building’s safety and performance as part of building automation and current interior design projects. We provide feature-driven access control systems at AIA India that improve the condition of interior design, implement security measures in the area, and assure the usefulness of the space.

Interior design company by AIA India
Leo Burnett corporate office interior design by AIA India
Leo Burnett luxury office interior design by AIA India

Why Choose AIA India?

With AIA India by your side, you can get guaranteed coverage on every nuance of the architectural process and enjoy the timely completion of the interior design project. Our construction company in Delhi has a large bandwidth to address your concerns regarding the process, and we quote as per the industry pricing to keep our clients satisfied. We successfully manage to function as liaison between the MEP contractors, architects, and every other supervisory staff associated with the project and make sure to perpetuate harmony in actions.

Our team of professionals provides customer pleasure in every project with our top-notch HVAC services, sanitation, and drainage systems, and safe electrical component construction, allowing us to become the best in the industry!

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