Your workplace furniture will determine your people’s way of working; whether you need a more traditional setup or are looking to adopt new ways of working, we can create a bespoke environment with workspace furniture that supports your objectives and your occupants.


Product Specification

We Showcase a Variety of Furniture Options Tailored to Your Needs: Our offerings are thoughtfully curated to align with your requirements, including budget, lead time, and style preferences

Product Sourcing & Procurement

We Deliver Furniture Valued at Over £10 Million Annually to Our Clients. Our Extensive Product Portfolio Encompasses Suppliers and Retailers Across Europe, and as an Independent Supplier, Our Recommendations Are Unbiased and Tailored to Your Unique Needs.

Furniture Audits

We Provide Comprehensive Audits of Your Current Office Furniture, Evaluating Reusable Items and Determining Storage Requirements for Your Project's Design Phase.

Showroom Visits & Mock-Ups

After Proposing a Furniture Scheme, Our Team Coordinates Showroom Visits, Allowing You to Personally Select Furniture for Your Project and Find Inspiration. We Offer Mock-ups and Can Arrange Sample Deliveries to Enhance Your Visualization of Your New Space.

Installation & Move Management

Our Project Management Team Oversees Furniture Installation for Your Project, Managing Deliveries to Your Site and Adhering to Your Specified Schedule.

Recycling & Refurbishment

We provide fully sustainable office furniture solutions to bolster your environmental initiatives and align with certifications

Our process

Our furniture process ensures workspaces are prepared to adapt to pandemic challenges and well-suited for the post-COVID future.


We conduct a comprehensive analysis of your current office space to gain insights into your business, your specific requirements, and your operational practices.


We collaborate with you to comprehensively understand and pinpoint the necessary adjustments required to meet the evolving needs of your workforce


We present meticulously crafted solutions and partner with you to choose the most suitable updates tailored to your business needs.

Your furniture timeline

  • Brief

    We help you create a concise and comprehensive brief that meets every one of your needs.


  • Budget

    Following the initial brief, we put together a cost-effective budget proposal for your project.


  • Selection

    We facilitate showroom tours to decide furniture choices across various areas of your project, using your preferences and the design team’s insight to select the best furniture for your space.


  • Final finishes

    We work with you and our design team to finalise the intricate details of each product.


  • Detail and design

    Product delivery lead-time begins when we place furniture orders with your selected manufacturers. Lead times generally range from 2-12 weeks, but can be longer when including holidays.


  • Order

    Our design process is synchronised with your final programme and every decision you make is built into the schedule. This comprehensive document includes your budget, schedule and specifications.


  • Installation

    Our project management team stays in close contact with you and the delivery teams to ensure your project meets agreed timeframes. We respond quicky to adapt to any changes that arise during this stage.


  • Sign-off

    Our project management team walks through the finished space with you, noting any concerns you may have and addressing each as a matter of priority.


The Furniture Booklet

Discover the potential of your office furniture to revolutionize your company’s work culture. Download our free booklet introducing Oktra’s 3-step furniture process, outlining project timelines, and exploring the cutting-edge concepts shaping the future of workplace design.

Office Furniture for Leeds Building Society

We’ve developed a versatile furniture scheme to facilitate Leeds Building Society’s transition to agile work practices. Dive deeper into this furniture project in our detailed case study.

The Guide to Space Rationalisation

Whether you’re contemplating an upgrade within your existing space, downsizing, or exploring new locations, our space rationalization process is tailored to guide you through change with flexibility, enabling you to maximize the value of your commercial assets.

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    Request a call back from our design and build team